You are a husband, father, leader, and a Priest called by God. You are not a man by the way you are dress. You are the man called by God in this end-time to showcase God’s love for His people. You are not ordinary. You are equipped to play your role, but God saw the need for a Helper in your life. The Helper(wife) has to be trained first, equipped and then given space to manifest. It doesn’t matter where you are, what you believe about women, you can change the situation in your life, marriage and home. Let us pray before we proceed.

Father you called me into this world to fulfil a purpose. Lead me to that purpose. Help me to recognize that purpose through my marriage so that at the end I will be fulfilled having glorified you alone, in Jesus name, amen.

In this space, we will be discussing, encouraging, building and teaching ourselves the path to take that will produce harmony, love and peace that are essential to our growth, and productivity. 1 Thess. 5:11. Connect with me here and let’s follow the leading of our God. God bless you.