Working in synergy with partners and related organisations, we have carefully defined our Vision and objectives and developed a programme of action aimed at achieving our set goals. Our overarching strategy is the upliftment of families by the promotion of family values through education, counseling and care with particular focus on vulnerable groups in our society, viz the orphans widows and the aged.

  1. Marriage Covenant Keepers
    Marriage Covenant Keepers
    A group whose membership is open to all married couples, singles and individuals who believe in the marriage covenant and are committed to promote strong family ideals; and believe that you can have happy marriage. This group meets twice monthly in designated Centres.
  2. Conferences, Seminars and workshops
    Conferences, Seminars and workshops
    Conferences, Seminars and workshops aimed at building stronger families, reconciling, rehabilitating and restoring broken and strained marriage/Family relationship. The home should be a place of Refuge.
  3. Radio Talk Shows
    Radio Talk Shows
    Radio Talk shows, on difference aspects of family, encouraging forgiveness and reconciliation, and the ensuring spiritual revival in the homes.
  4. Wellness Coaching
    Wellness Coaching
    We help clients determine their health goals and what will assist them in achieving these goals. Everything we do in life is connected back to our body whether our family, relationship, Physical, emotional and mental health. Wellness is being aware and making the right choices towards living a healthy and fulfilling life.
  5. Social Connection
    Social Connection
    We maintain an internet website with adequate family resources to help troubled homes and enable strong homes become better and stronger. Visit
  6. Visitation and Outreaches
    Visitation and Outreaches
    Visitation and Outreaches to provide succor, care, attention, food, clothing for the orphans, widows, aged and needy in the society.
  7. Welfare Provision
    Welfare Provision
    Provision of food, medical, supporting and recreation facilities, clothing and other forms of material support for human welfare.
  8. Distress Intervention
    Distress Intervention
    In times of epidemic and disaster, we engage in distress Intervention to assist challenged persons and victims of crisis.
  9. Advocacy Programmes
    Advocacy Programmes
    Initiate, promote, and conduct advocacy programmes and projects for the purpose of pro the aims and objectives of the ministry.
  10. Support Centres
    Support Centres
    Build and maintain integrated Care and support Centres for our focus groups in the country.